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MyDrive | Walkinshaw Performance has a long and detailed history both on the track and on the street. They have always been a performance company that has led by example especially when it comes to producing big power figures from their donor Holden and HSV (Holden Special Vehicle) cars.

Most Australian V8 fans would know Walkinshaw directly through their involvement with the Holden Racing Team with a lot of the knowledge gained from that relationship going back into Walkinshaw customer cars.

A lot of clients will admit to starting with small modifications to the exhaust system for a little extra bark which inevitably leads to more serious power modifications and even body extras later down the track.

So it should come as no real surprise that Walkinshaw has released its latest and greatest to celebrate 50 Years at Bathurst. I don’t know how this HSV GTS E3 – Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bathurst Pack drives but by the look and the sound of the car, they certainly won’t be hanging around for too long.

Here are the details directly from Walkinshaw Performance.  In celebration of 50 years of Bathurst we are pleased to announce a Limited Edition Bathurst 50th Anniversary Package.  This is the first time we have put together such an incredible value offer consisting of the following products:

• Special Edition VE Supercharger WP230 LS3/L98
• Special Edition Cat Back Exhaust
• Super Sport Steel Cat Headers
• Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps
• Carbon fibre exhaust tips
• WP Number Plate Set
• WPP Sill Plates
• WPP Lowering Kit
• Walkinshaw Performance Golf Bag and Full Set of Clubs
• Special Bathurst Anniversary Interior Badging
• Special Bathurst Anniversary Super Charger Build Number Badging
• Limited Edition History of Bathurst Book
• Special Bathurst Anniversary Pack Certificate

Available Now at WP & dealers- RRP $21,950.00

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