VACC – Seatbelts Save Lives

My Drive – VACC is a leading campaigner for vehicle safety. It is at the forefront of lobbying for vehicle safety to be recognised by Governments as a significant element in the fight to reduce the State’s road toll. In the absence of mandatory annual vehicle safety inspections, VACC members introduced an additional safety check of a vehicle’s key safety areas at the point of service. The 5 Point Safety Check is a voluntary inspection by participating VACC members and covers tyres, breaks, steering, lights and restraints. The 5 Point Safety Check is conducted free of charge to motorists. VACC members found 39.9 per cent of vehicles tested last year were unsafe. Of the 2,307 cars tested during 2011, 998 were found to have a defect – that’s two out of five cars. “VACC considers restraints and seatbelts to be absolutely critical to the safety of a vehicle. To be informed by Victoria Police that people are not wearing seatbelts is frustrating and disappointing,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.

Victoria Police officers detected 3,584 seatbelt offences during their Summer Stay enforcement campaign, running over December and January. Head of Road Policing, Kieran Walshe said “there is nothing more frustrating for police than attending a fatal collision where we know that a person would have sustained only minor injuries should they have been wearing their seatbelt.” Victoria Police calls on vehicle occupants to wear a seatbelt on all journeys, whatever the distance. “We recommend seatbelts and child restraints are properly used and properly maintained. Motorists should visually inspect their seatbelts to make sure they are not frayed or defective. Better still, motorists should take their vehicle to a professional on a regular basis for a service and a thorough safety inspection,” Mr Purchase said.

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