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KIA Motors Australia | Optima Platinum Drive Review

Written byAdam Tonkin

From the moment I had the keys handed to me, I found myself sinking into the surroundings of the KIA.  The Optima has that uncanny ability to make you feel right at home, comfortable even from the get go.  The Optima is in a class all of its own both on price and function.

Remove the badge and replace it with a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or even an Audi badge and most people would be ready to pay $80,000 plus.

Although I’m sure if we tried this stunt in any capital city in Australia, most shoppers would be stunned with its price tag which is well under $40K.

When you think about it, you have to be impressed with KIA’s ability to keep the price this low considering the level of design, refinement and function that sits right in front of the driver.

On paper the basic concept of the Optima is really quite functional, fun, cost effective and cheap to run with just the right look and feel.

Now I’ll agree it does sound a touch to cliché although KIA has the numbers to prove they’ve selling the Optima literally by the truck load.

Driving the Optima for the week was a lot of fun.  It is very easy to drive and even easier to park, especially reverse parking.

Yes I have to admit I did have a few close encounters with those extra shiny rims on street gutters around Melbourne but with the reverse camera there to guide and assist me, it really wasn’t a concern by day two.

Not only does the KIA make a great family car, the KIA would also make a great salesperson’s car.  For starters the boot is huge, rear accommodation is ample to say the least.

The front seats leather and are fully electric, they even come with a heating and cooling option. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if KIA started taking sales away from Ford, Holden and Toyota as companies start to look at KIA more closely as a option.

If you are looking for a new mid-sized sedan with all the luxury and gadgets, the KIA Optima Platinum is certainly worth a closer look especially if you love those classy looking rims.

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