MyDrive | With spring now in full swing here in Melbourne, we thought we would keep with the Green Theme. Here are a few interesting pictures from our own Tom Fraser of a very green BMW E92 M3 at the Albert Park Formula One Circuit. Also thanks to the Members of the Melbourne Super Car Club (MSCC). 

Congratulations to Tom on receiving BMW Australia’s Photo of the Week award.

The day started out rainy. Outlook was bleak by all accounts, however the Melbourne Super Car Club are a tough bunch and ready to brave the cold weather in order to get together and talk cars. The meet was open to everyone and was set in the picturesque location of Albert Park Lake. While waiting for some of the cars to show up I walked around and was quite impressed with some of the locations there. Will definitely be back while on a private photo shoot!

There were a few BMW M cars that arrived first, one of which was a Java Green M3. The car was absolutely stunning. It amazes me how good some crazy can actually be on certain cars, this certainly fit. As everyone else started arriving, the director of MSCC was handing out club badges to be placed on the member’s cars. MSCC is slowly but surely becoming an impressive and well renowned club!

Unfortunately after an hour or two the weather took a turn for the worse and forced everyone to jump back in their cars and drive off. Can never predict Melbourne weather, unfortunately. Overall it was a good day, and MSCC is surely a club that you’ll want to keep your eye on! Visit them at

By Tom Fraser.

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