Subaru XV 2012 Crossover

MyDrive | Subaru - The Subaru XV blends exceptional SUV capability with exhilarating handling, innovative design and electrifying lines.

MyDrive | Written by Adam Tonkin | In celebration of our Subaru XV video clocking up 85,000 unique views on our YouTube channel, the team thought it would be a great opportunity to re-show the video on MyDrive for visitors that may have not seen.  Futhermore, we are now also closing in on a quarter of a million viewers on our YouTube channel so make sure you go and check it out and help us to get over the 250K mark.

Thanks to everyone that has watched the video and thank you for all the fantastic feedback we have received.

Over two weeks I had the opportunity to drive the Subaru XV manual and the CVT (continuous variable transmission) versions back to back.  By testing the two versions so close together, the difference in ride and drive quality were plain to see.  I travelled in excess of 3,000 kilometres driving from Melbourne to Canberra before arriving at the Snowy Mountains – Thredbo Ski Resort in New South Wales.  During my time behind the wheel, I had few complaints. For the money the XV is an enjoyable and capable soft-roader that is comfortable and easy to drive regardless if you are on a shopping trip or tackling the icy roads of the snowfields.

Our two Subaru XV review vehicles, These were our two Subaru XV review vehicles:.
Tangerine Orange Pearl – CVT Transmission
Ice Silver Metallic – 6 Speed Transmission

Subaru Crossover


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