VIDEO: Possibily the Best Job in the World: the McLaren 12C Spider

MyDrive | McLaren 12C Spider – Car journalists I would have to say have the best job in the world, going to far flung destinations to test the best cars in the world and usually on the best driving roads anywhere.  McLaren recently invited the cream of the crop, the best in the world when it comes to automotive journalists to Ascari to test the latest McLaren creation, the 12C Spider.

This is a peak into what these events can be like for the journalist.  The McLaren MP4-12C Spider.

MyDrive | McLaren 12C Spider

We took a selection of the world’s best motoring journalists to the Ascari Race Resort in Spain to introduce them to the new McLaren #12CSpider.

Why there? Because Ascari has 26 corners and is nearly five and a half miles long. Because we couldn’t think of anywhere more testing for what we consider to be the best supercar in the world.

What did they think of it? Why not see for yourself…

For further information on McLaren and the new McLaren 12C Spider, click >

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