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MyDrive | Written by Adam TonkinThe Peugeot RCZ from the get go put me in the comfortable box as soon as I took to the driver’s seat.  Having the RCZ for just on two weeks, I found myself in a situation of not wanting to hand back the keys.  I would have to say the RCZ is one of the best cars I’ve reviewed this Series.  From the front to the back, the little Peugeot just sings like a superstar, it really does.  It has the right level of looks and comfort with plenty of power.

Power is supplied by the same people that proudly bring you the current MINI Cooper S. The 1.6 turbo engine has plenty of sting although if I was a RCZ owner, I’d love to have the crackle and pop overrun that comes standard on the Cooper S.  And like the fans of the Cooper S, I’d like to see a few extra horses thrown in under the RCZ’s bonnet.  But then again in saying this, most automotive journalists like me, are always saying that certain cars could always do with a little more of this and that to assist with those right foot inputs.

Although when I think about it, providing the RCZ with extra go would only bring further issues to the chassis and the overall stability and makeup of the car.  Peugeot would seriously have to look at beefing up the suspension and brakes while providing the 19” rims and tyres as a standard package.  The fallout from these changes alone would see RCZ prices pushed skyward and bridge the already narrow price gap the RCZ has over the Audi TT.  Thus further stalling RCZ sales and pricing buyers out of the Peugeot market.  So in that case, style and equipment levels are just fine.

I took the RCZ on several long distance runs both on the freeway and through the mountain roads around Melbourne.  Once you learn how and where you can push the RCZ, it does encourage you to be a little more playful.  With both windows down and the radio off, Peugeot obviously saw my need for heated seats and they worked a treat.  Firing through the forest and listening to the RCZ sound track was inspiring but the brisk Melbourne air even on a sunny autumn day is something else, a touch cold I have to say.

Using BP Ultimate during the length of our test, showed off the RCZ’s amazing fuel economy.  For an engine that loves to rev, it was certainly very frugal on fuel.  Add to this Peugeot’s 3 year fixed servicing contract and you’re on a real savings winner.

Peugeot overall I feel have the right mix.  Even with the RCZ being a new comer to the Peugeot stable, there are no real full on radical changes anywhere.  The RCZ reflects a modern flair that lets you know in a subtle way that you are driving something special with a hint of what might be on its way from the French designers.

During the whole test, we didn’t have one issue with the RCZ at all.  As I said in my opening statement, two weeks came and went so fast that I truly didn’t want to hand the key back.

If you are interested in the RCZ or any of the Peugeot fleet of cars, please have a look at their website.

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