Oxfam Trailwalker – Team Enough Snackage?

My Drive | Training for the Oxfam Trailwalkers Team Enough Snackage? continues this week with the entire Team meeting up for the very first time. Friday evening marked the first walk together as a Team as they walked some 50 Kilometres into the night along the same track they will be taking in April for the big 100 kilometre walk in 48 hours.

Now the Team is training extremely hard but they still need your help to raise money for Oxfam and achieve their target goal of $3000. Every cent counts so please dig deep for Oxfam and Team Enough Snackage?

Want to find out more about the Team and how you can donate, well check out the below link.
Go Team Enough Snackage?


My Drive | Oxfam - Team Enough Snackage ?

My Drive | Oxfam – Team Enough Snackage ?


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