Melbourne and the Ferrari F458 Italia

MyDrive | Written by Adam Tonkin  Every now and again, we as journalists have the unique opportunity to spend one on one time with some of the world’s most amazing vehicles.  Cars that will stir your soul, the adoring crowds and sadly the wallets of a chosen few.  So when our MyDrive photographer Tom Fraser had the opportunity of spending a day with the Ferrari F458 Italia, he most certainly grabbed it with both hands.  Regardless of the backdrop, the Ferrari F458 Italia has been designed to be special and pure.  Anyone that has watched the production of this supercar will know the level of care and precise detail that goes into the production of each and every unit.  Each new Ferrari generation has a hint of its past built into the chassis and the exterior.  From the 355 to the 360, the 360 to the 430, the classic lines that Enzo Ferrari has become so famous for are all there and the F458 is truly no different.

Fantastic job Tom.

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