McLaren brings a new look to Barcelona

FIA F1 | 2015 Formula 1 World Championship – Spanish Grand Prix (Preview)

Written and Images by - Jarrod Moore

McLaren have bought a new look to the Spanish Grand Prix in the hope some of the changes made over the short break will help improve the car’s speed and reliability.

The new darker more imposing colour scheme has had a series of updates brought to the Circuit de Barcelona.

These changes have been implemented due to recent races under floodlights where drivers complained about reflections caused by the chrome bodywork.

The newer darker colour is meant to improve visibility for the drivers in both day and night races.

Fernando Alonso at today’s press conference spoke openly about McLaren’s process and was asked if he believed their run of bad luck not making Q3 maybe over.

“Well, lets hope so. I think in Bahrain we had a nice step and that brought us closer to the Q3 cut-off. We want to be on the podium and winning races, but one step at a time and hopefully here in Barcelona we can see our progression. Obviously its the first European grand prix, which normally everyone brings some good updates, as we do as well, it’s just a matter of which one made the step a little bigger.”

Images by Jarrod Moore

Also speaking of reliability issues was Red Bull Racing’s Daniil Kvyat,it hasn’t been an easy one so far, there have been a few weekends that were quite tricky, for many reason. We just need to get it right and then we start looking deep into the things and hopefully it will happen very soon”.

Being the first Grand Prix back on continental Europe, a huge number of locals are expected to come and cheer on Fernando Alonso. With temperatures expected to be in the mid 20’s all weekend and little chance of rain, the track is expected to be potentially hard on tyres which is known for its abrasive properties.

Once again tyre management will be critical to teams crossing the line first.

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