Mazda hands your phone the keys!

MyDrive | Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) – Mazda has announced the launch of Mazda Mobile Start, the only Smartphone Remote Engine Start system engineered and designed specifically for Mazda vehicles. Meeting all of Mazda’s exacting factory standards and specifications, Mazda Mobile Start can be purchased and installed at local authorized Mazda dealers.

“Mazda Mobile Start comes with more than just the features and functions of the app; it also comes with peace of mind,” said Trisha Quezada, manager, accessories, sales and marketing at MNAO. “Mazda Mobile Start was created with convenience and safety in mind to enhance the overall driving experience that matters so much to our customers.”

With Mazda Mobile Start, owners can conveniently control many of their car’s settings through their smartphone:

Engine Start

Mazda Mobile Start allows owners to start and stop their engine from virtually anywhere with a smartphone[i]. With the app, owners can start their engine and allow it to idle for up to 30 minutes at a time to preheat or cool the car. The app also features a timer to show how long the car has been running and how much longer it will run.

Once the vehicle is started using the app, the settings last used on the climate control system and defroster will activate to help ensure the car will be heated and cooled when ready to go.

Door Lock and Panic Alarm

Mazda Mobile Start allows owners to check the door lock status and remotely lock or unlock doors[ii] leaving owners confident in knowing the car is securely locked. In addition, the panic alarm can be activated for increased security.


Carfinder uses the smartphone camera and GPS technology to help owners find their car with the built in map features. This feature will help locate Mazda Mobile Start equipped vehicles in large open parking areas.

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