New race car manufacturer McLaren GT is announcing plans to establish a dedicated engineering and vehicle assembly facility close to the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking, southern England, one year after the stunning 12C GT3 made its racing debut as part of an intensive 2011 development programme. Close proximity to the headquarters of McLaren Racing and McLaren Automotive presents the McLaren GT team with an enhanced opportunity to share resources, technology and exchange ideas with the design and engineering specialists working in the other McLaren Group brands, and will promote further integration of McLaren GT into the Group.

McLaren GT was launched as a new brand within the McLaren Group early in 2011, and has supplied 25 12C GT3s for racing in Europe in 2012. A total of 13 customer teams are now working closely with McLaren GT engineers to develop their new race cars throughout the competitive 2012 season, and each team has the opportunity to test vehicle set-up using the same simulator programme used by McLaren Racing and Formula 1 World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

MyDrive | McLaren GT - MP4-12C GT3

MyDrive | McLaren GT – MP4-12C GT3

Moving from its former home in Leicestershire, McLaren GT will now be based in the premises occupied by McLaren Racing between 1987 and 2004. During this period, McLaren Racing Formula 1 team won a total of five Constructors’, and six Drivers’ Formula 1 World Championships.

To accommodate McLaren GT’s expanding sales, marketing, design and manufacturing operations, the 60,000 sq ft facility will provide office space, a large workshop area and preparation and test bays all under one roof, as well as a state-of-the-art engine development centre.

The site will also be home to a fleet of McLaren 12C sports cars, which are managed by McLaren GT and run as part of a customer test drive programme entitled ‘Pure McLaren’, which operates at multiple test locations across Europe.

Andrew Kirkaldy, Project Director for McLaren GT, said: “I am excited that McLaren GT will be establishing our operations so close to the home of McLaren Racing.  We have a new race car that comprises a unique package of Formula 1-inspired technology, and we are working with customers to ensure the potential performance of the 12C GT3 is realised this season.

MyDrive | Andrew Kirkalby Project Manager for McLaren GT

MyDrive | Andrew Kirkalby Project Manager for McLaren GT

“This relocation underlines the commitment and support within McLaren Group that is behind McLaren GT, and will be a benefit as we aim to offer a world-class engineering support service to our new customer teams.  

“We plan to develop our manufacturing programme and are actively considering production of multiple specifications of race cars for worldwide racing in 2013.”

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