Lexus LFA CHROME Wrapped

MyDrive | Lexus LFA – Chrome Wrapped.  Article & Pictures by Tom Fraser.

On the 18th of July, I woke up as usual. Normal day was assumed, nothing out of the ordinary. This was definitely not the case though.

After an average morning of doing nothing, I received a message from a friend saying that he was shooting a chrome Lexus LFA.

I was completely bewildered as to how this could happen. I’ve never seen a chrome car before! The Lexus LFA, formerly orange, was being wrapped in Carrum Downs by Exotic Graphix.

I made it my goal to get there by the end of the day before the car disappeared off to a different state.

After an arduous journey that literally both physically and mentally drained me, I was greeted by the car.

I was just in awe. I spent close to an hour exploring and photographing my most favourite car, it was amazing.

The car had been wrapped for Meguire’s MotorEx car show in Sydney, and the owner based up in Queensland is determined to keep the wrap on, as it’s out of this world.

The effort and build quality that has gone into the car is outstanding, and it truly shows…

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