VIDEO | Lamborghini Track Event

MyDrive | Lamborghini Track Event Written by Adam Tonkin | MyDrive’s Adam Tonkin attends a Track Day with Lamborghini. Working with Luke O’Neill from Events O’Neill, Adam interviews guests to better highlight what you can learn at a track day regardless of your experience level and vehicle type.

MyDrive | Lamborghini Track Event

MyDrive | Lamborghini Track Event

Filming at this event was just fantastic. From the moment the MyDrive team walked in to Sandown Raceway, we knew it was going to be a battle to keep our content to a minimum especially with so much going on. The whole event just ran perfectly with blue skies, fast cars and a host of great people to interview.

Then again, there was a small hint of a breeze to help carry the wonderful sounds emitting from the rear of the V10 Lamborghini and the continued hot lap reverberations coming from the Corvette and Murciélago lap after lap after lap.

Track day events are held in rain, hail or shine conditions and believe me when I say that I’ve found out the hard way. Being a motorsport marshal at Checkpoint 4 at the Phillip Island Race Track in the middle of July is no fun for anyone, trust me.

Track day events are tailor made to enable each driver to take away one important fact or one hundred; it is truly up to you. You can take to the track yourself or grab one of the instructors such as Luke and he will instruct you through each corner play by play to give you the best chance of enhancing your ability regardless of the situation.

Spending the day with Luke, I got the distinct impression from him that his job is as much fun and it is serious and thankfully on the day of filming there were no real track side incidents to deal with. Track days are a lot of fun but are not for the faint of heart. Punting around very expensive cars in a controlled environment can still have you holding the seat of your pants especially at speeds that would seem ludicrous on public roads.

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