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Automobili Lamborghini | Lamborghini Aventador S – The EGO Booster

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MyDrive | Automobili Lamborghini – With many manufacturers moving away from naturally aspirated engines to feed smaller, more dynamic turbo powered units, it only takes a moment to realise just how exceptional and unique the Aventador is.

When the Lamborghini engineers finally put pen to paper to create the Murciélago replacement (the Aventador), I’m curious if their initial guidelines included the relevance of a 6.5L V12 in 2017?

The new Aventador S model follows a long line of Lamborghini V12 inspired ‘S’ models which started with the iconic Muira, then the Islero, the Urraco and the Countach.

So what makes the Aventador S so special?

The tweaks to the Aventador S are significant enough to cause SV owners concern although with Lamborghini looking to sell some 7000 units over the next four years, SV owners will still hold the ‘limited edition’ crown.

At first glance, the updates seem more cosmetic rather revolutionary although scratch a little deeper to find that the enhancements are centred on horsepower, aerodynamic efficiency and cooling for the illustrious V12 engine and those ginormous front and rear carbon-ceramic brakes.

To gain the extra 40HP over the standard Aventador 700HP V12 engine, the engineers have tweaked the ECU and raised the red line to an impressive and ear-tingling 8500RPM.

The rear of the S hasn’t been forgotten either thanks to the newly designed exhaust system that takes full advantage of the extra revs. The audible result is nothing short of insane with a sound track that also crackles and pops on the engine overrun.

Aggressive front and rear styling comes in the form of new air ducts, a larger front splitter and rear diffuser with the enhanced aerodynamics designed to reduce turbulence and increase overall downforce which tallies up to an impressive 130 percent improvement.

Electronics have taken a major leap forward with a total mind shift on how the ECU handles data. With just one central brain that making all the decision, micro-level split second changes assist the driver to exploit the best driving performance from the Aventador S across all conditions and driving modes.

With the three driving modes carried over from the 700-4 (STRADA, SPORT, CORSE), the Aventador S adds EGO mode.

First featured on the SV, the EGO mode enables the driver to personalise the level of traction, stability, suspension and dynamic steering control required to suit the drivers EGO!

The engineers have spent precious time on refining the bullet like ISR (Independent Shift Rod) transmission which at low speed feels greatly improved. Each gear change at low speed seems to be smoother and not quite as jerky as before although suburban stop/start traffic will be the real test.

Pirelli have teamed up with the suspension engineers to specifically develop new 20 inch front and 21 inch P-Zero tyres. The new P-Zero’s have been purpose build to enhance drivability whilst taking full advantage of the suspension tweaks and the new all-wheel steering system.

At speed the all-wheel steering provides a wider more stable footprint on the road with the rear tyres following the steering direction of the front tyres and the opposite at low speed, providing a virtual reduction in the wheelbase for better turn-in and control.

Watching the rear tyres at work during low speed exercises, the rear suspension looks almost broken although from the driver’s seat, the Aventador S feels smaller, lighter and effectively more agile.

At its extreme, the Aventador S highlights Lamborghini’s willingness to deliver a raw edginess reserved for the talented few that are eager to exploit the power and the agility of the V12 and of course their ‘EGO’!

Vehicle Details

Year, Make, Model


2017 | Lamborgini Aventador SUSD 421,350 (MSRP)                      GBP 225,955 (MSRP)      AUD$788,914 (MSRP)


Fuel Type

6.5L V12

Petrol 98


544 kW @ 8500 RPM


740 HP

Maximum Torque

690NM (507 LB FT) @ 5500 RPM

Fuel Consumption

16.9  Litres per 100 KMS

0 – 100 / 60

0 – 200 / 120




7 Speed ISR + Reverse Transmission

Fuel Tank Size

85 Litres


1575 (Kerb Weight)

Safety Rating


Roadside Assist

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