VIDEO | Keith Alexander’s HO Interceptor

MyDrive | HO Interceptor | Written by Ash Davies | We first had a lead on this story over 9 months ago. We’d heard about Keith’s HO and were planning to produce one of our ‘classic’ MyDrive segments, going for a quick drive and talking with Keith about his car. Nothing too complicated. Through an initial phone interview though we discovered an incredible, untouched piece of Australian automotive history – Ford’s loss of the HO name.

At this point in time there was a fair bit of hype surrounding the idea of a new Ford GTHO. Chevrolet can revive the Camaro, Ford can bring back the Mustang, but GTHO? Surely this name was too hallowed to respectfully take its place on a new Falcon’s rear end. Talking with Keith and ex ford designer Wayne Draper though suggested that Ford indeed could not revive the GTHO because they didn’t even own the name anymore.

And thus, this piece was born. After scripting and researching for a month we ventured to Strath Creek for a day of driving and filming. The script entailed a succinct story of Keith’s car, the HO Name and Wayne Draper’s incredible history, all intertwining with a heartfelt story of Australia’s Black Saturday bushfires. It’s an untold Australian story, something I hope Aussie car enthusiasts can connect with and understand on an emotional level.

This was our first big production and the first piece that really follows our new tagline, ‘telling the amazing stories of the auto industry’. Technically it could always be better. We wrongly neglected audio a little bit on the day. But regardless we’re pleased with the story and are proud to be the ones to share it.

We also hope that this serves as a noble tribute to Wayne Draper. Many of you may have noticed the tribute at the end of the show. Wayne sadly passed away a few weeks ago from cancer. We hope that this piece can preserve his legacy and share his story with the Auto world!

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the story. If you’re keen to find out more about HO and their cars, head over to the HO website.

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