Jaguar Car Club of Victoria 50th Anniversary and Concours d’Elegance

MyDrive | Written by Adam Tonkin – An incredible number of amazing and historic vehicles are being hidden away. Across Australia vehicles are stored in rooms and garages for months, if not years on end with some never seeing the light of day, but for only that special family occasion or when the weather is just right.

However, there are owners, the less fastidious amongst us, who relish the opportunity, any opportunity, to take to the streets and show off their pride and joy regardless of rain, hail or shine.

That one perfect day finally arrived in Melbourne on the last weekend of spring in November.  Melbourne turned on a stunning near perfect day for the members and guests of the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria as they celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Victoria, which included their Annual Concours d’Elegance and Display Day.

Jaguar’s entire history was quite literally showcased and laid out on the grounds of Wesley College for everyone to enjoy.  The oval was filled with nearly every design and model Jaguar has ever built, from the cars of yesteryear to today’s more modern examples.

The day belonged to the cars which have truly made Jaguar a household name and world power when it comes to flying the flag for British luxury and opulence.  Over the decades Jaguar has realistically done it all, living the high life and everything in between from providing transport tor the Royals, whisking dignitaries to special functions, carrying the stars to lavish parties, winning LeMans to racing F1 cars around Albert Park with Mark Webber at the controls.

During this most recent display I spoke with numerous owners and asked their thoughts on the new breed of Jaguar vehicles like the XFR-S and the F-Type.  I was pleasantly surprised by the answers I received. As a journalist it’s often common place to hear the wrath from one generation attacking the next and very much, vice versa.  I had expected comments such as “the company has lost its ways, lost touch with its customers, moved away from the company’s ideals and values” but the answers were quite the opposite. Most of the members even went as far as praising the designers for keeping the heritage of the brand alive, yet reinvigorating a wider interest in the marque.

I spoke with Dene Denny an invited guest of the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria and the owner of a Jaguar XKR Portfolio Edition and I asked for his thoughts on the 50th Anniversary display and about the brand.  “Jaguar in the past has struggled through hard times although they have come a long way from their humble beginnings.  With new designs, aluminium panels, improved suspension and better engines, Jaguar are going from strength to strength.  The new fleet of cars are just stunning; you only have to look at the new F-Type to know what I mean.”  “Looking at all the cars here today, you can see Jaguar’s natural progression of improvement throughout the years and their vision for future designs.”

I too think the new breed of Jaguar is stunning, take the F-Type for example and although one was not on show during the Display Day, they will be here soon enough.  We look forward to the possibility that one may even be on show at next year’s 51st Celebration of the Jaguar Club of Victoria.

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