Lamborghini Huracán Spyder LP 610-4 launched in Australia

Lamborghini | Launch of the Huracán Spyder LP 610-4 in Australia

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This week marked another exciting chapter in the growth of Lamborghini in Australasia with the official launch of the Huracán Spyder LP610-4 at their Melbourne showroom in Victoria before heading to Sydney then Brisbane.

With a hint of excitement taking over the showroom in similar fashion to that of the previously launched Huracán Coupé, the car sat idle waiting for the cover to be removed.

This local unveiling has seen Lamborghini launch the Spyder version of the Huracán a lot earlier than the company did with the previous Gallardo model.

By including the Coupé and Spyder version in the same design symmetry from the initial drawing board sketches, Lamborghini has been able to debut the Spyder version earlier in the model’s development lifecycle.

“The vision that Lamborghini had with the design of the Huracán was to plan the Coupé with the Spyder model in mind, this enabled the company to bring the Spyder to the market a lot earlier with less design changes than the previous model.” said Eginardo Bertoli, Country Manager for Automobili Lamborghini Japan, Korea and Oceania.

With the Italian supercar being unveiled with the help of Mr Bertoli, it was clear to see the Huracán Spyder sported a luxurious mix of gloss black, carbon fibre and Verde Mantis (Lime Green) as the exterior colour. The colour may not be to everyone’s liking, however in person it is truly striking.

The naturally aspirated 5.2 Litre V10 Spyder version of the Huracán is realistically a carbon copy of the Coupé version without the roof and adds few technological tweaks to its arsenal. Performance to most is unaltered although it is 0.2sec slower to 100kmh – 60mph and is 0.1 litres thirstier in the urban/highway cycle combination.

Lamborghini have reworked the smarts in the all-wheel drive system which pushes power to all-four 20” Pirelli P-Zero tyres with the Spyder utilising the same aluminium front and rear double wishbone suspension as the Coupé. The chassis consists of a hybrid aluminium and carbon fibre construction to make it as light and rigid as possible.

The Sant’Agata Bolognese factory has again incorporated their ‘Instinctive Technology’ into the DNA of the Huracán Spyder by including the ‘ANIMA’ switch that changes the active nature of the supercar from Corse (Street Mode) to Sport to Strada (Track Mode).

Also contained within the package is Lamborghini’s dynamic steering (LDS) and (LDF), their version of the 7-Speed dual clutch gearbox, together with the reworked clutch, the Huracán is as easy to drive as a Volkswagen Golf R on steroids.

The 2016 Spyder model will also arrive with cylinder-on-demand technology and engine stop/start which will be included in the Coupé version from 2016 onwards.

For top down convenience and speed, the Spyder has a full fabric top that opens and closes in an impressive 17 seconds. This ‘Transformers’ like function performs at up to 50kmh – 31mph and is available in three standard colours, black, brown and red.

For those with artistic flair, Lamborghini offers up to 30 million unique customisations and individualisation combinations of paint and interior trim.

Weight distribution is split 47 percent front and 53 percent rear with kerb weight up by 120kg (1422KG Coupé – 1542KG) thanks to chassis rigidity and the mechanics for the automatic open/close fabric roof.

The build quality inside and out is impressive with interior and exterior designers keeping to the design brief of sporty, sleek and powerful. The fine craftsmanship is obvious throughout the entire supercar with the interior playing a focal point for any owner and their passenger.

There is ample leg room for people up to 6ft 3’ tall with a galaxy load of head room. The side-hugging seats offer plenty of comfort, support are and a true highlight of the cabin.

On cold start-up the naturally aspirated V10 with 449kW/602HP literally barks into life before settling down, although the low grumble would be considered anything but quiet. Driving performance and feel will have to wait until next year but it is expected to be as good if not better,than the Coupé version.

The ability to put the top down on a hot summer’s day whilst listening to the wonderful crackle and pop soundtrack of the exhaust will be totally worth the wait.

Vehicle Pricing

Lamborghini are currently taking orders for the Huracán Spyder in Australia for approximately $470,000 (plus options and on-road costs).

Vehicle Details

Year, Make, Model

Australian Pricing

2016 | Lamborghini Huracán Spyder LP 610-4 A$470,000 – BASE (MSRP) plus (options+on-roads)


Fuel Type

5.2 Litre V10 Engine – Naturally Aspirated

Petrol 98 RON


449 kW


602 HP

Maximum Torque

560 NM

Fuel Consumption


0 – 100 / 60

0 – 200 / 120

Top Speed



325 kmh / 201 mph


7 Speed LDF + Reverse

Fuel Tank Size

83 Litres


1542 (Kerb Weight)

Safety Rating


Roadside Assist


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