Hot Hatch Perfection | Ford Fiesta ST – Drive Review

Ford Fiesta ST | Drive Review

Article by - Peter Anderson

MyDrive | Ford Australia > This is the Ford Fiesta ST. It has two names to live up to – Fiesta, meaning fun times and ST meaning…well… going really really fast.

With the mid-life refresh of the funky global Fiesta has come a new hot hatch.

Powered by a 1.6 litre EcoBoost, the new fast Ford pumps out 134kW and 240Nm of torque. Stick the boot in and for up to twenty seconds, you get 147kW and 290Nm.

This car is close to hot hatch perfection.

The key to its success is a finely judged stability control system – you hardly even know it’s working, so subtle is its intervention. The ABS is also well-tuned, only getting involved if it really has to.

It has fantastic, direct, well-weighted steering and a hugely adjustable chassis. You can tame it with a gentle lift of the throttle, or snap it shut for some tail-out action.

The suspension is firm, but you won’t need to put your orthopaedic surgeon on standby – while it lacks the impressive ride and refinement of the 208GTI, it more than makes up for it on the fast stuff.

Images by Dean Hales & Brendan Nish

Inside is a tough but slighted dated interior. While the Sony stereo looks like it was designed by exploding a bomb full of buttons near a dashboard mock-up,, its eight speakers fill the cabin with a pretty decent sound.

The Recaro front seats are brilliant, holding you in while you thrash this car through the bends. But they’re also comfortable when you’re pootling.

It looks pretty good on the outside. The ST gets its own bumpers, wing and three door body style. Sadly, the five door ST is only for the yanks.

The Fiesta ST joins its big brother in Australia, the Focus ST, and even shares a few of its features – its raucous engine note is piped into the cabin.

Unlike big brother, you can also restrict the car’s performance if you’re fool enough to lend it to an excitable teenager or dodgy relative.

How good is this Ford Fiesta ST? Utterly brilliant. It spanks the Polo GTI for involvement, just beats the 208 for steering and handling and is likely far cheaper than the RenaultSport Clio.

There’ll be a lot of people lining up to buy one of these. I might be one of them.

Capped Price Servicing


Ford Fiesta ST

15,000/12 months


30,000/24 months


45,000/36 months


60,000/48 months


75,000/60 months


90,000/72 months


105,000/86 months


Key Competitors

Peugeot 208 GTI, Volkswagen Polo GTI, Suzuki Swift Sport.

Pricing and Features

Make & Model




Ford Fiesta ST

1.6 Litre EcoBoost

6 Speed Manual


Vehicle Details

Year | Make | Model

2014 | Ford | Fiesta ST




1.6 Litre EcoBoost


134 kW at 6000 -147 kw with overboost


182 HP

Maximum Torque

240NM @ 1600 – 5000 RPM

Fuel Consumption

6.2 Litres per 100 KMS – Tested 7.4 Litres per 100 KMS


Front Wheel

0 – 100

6.9 seconds


6 Speed Manual Gearbox


1197 KG

ANCAP Safety Rating

5 Star


3 Years | 100,000

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