VIDEO | Ferrari California T – Australia’s Official Preview

MyDrive | Ferrari California T - Australia’s Official Preview
Written by Adam Tonkin

MyDrive | Ferrari Australasia – Every 12 months Ferrari launches an exciting and innovative new model. Eighteen months ago it was the Ferrari F12 and more recently they launched the stunning and super-fast hypercar, the LaFerrari.

This year, Ferrari has updated the California although the changes seem to be more evolutionary than revolutionary including a substantial price drop of almost $50K.

The California T, ‘T’ standing for turbo, is the first Ferrari road vehicle to be engineered with a turbo since the legendary F40 in 1987.

The California is an integral part of Ferrari’s business selling some 10,000 units since it was introduced in 2008.

Ferrari Australasia President and CEO Herbert Appleroth stated that, a staggering 70 percent of all California owners were new to the brand, they travelled 30 percent further than owners of other Ferrari models and used their vehicles 50 percent more often, making the California a true ‘Every Day’ Ferrari.

The California T arrives with a new high revving 3.9 litre V8 twin-turbo charged engine that produces an impressive 70HP more than it’s naturally aspirated predecessor and generates a staggering 50 percent more torque.

Maximum power output is now 412kW at 7500 RPM and produces 755 NM at 4750 RPM.
Maximum speed has increased by 6 km/h to 316 km/h thanks to the new twin-scroll turbo arrangement.

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0-100 km/h arrives in 3.6 seconds, a reduction of 0.2 and 0-200 in 11.2, a reduction of 2.1 seconds, scintillating performance from the Italian open top grand tourer.

The exterior has truly come of age with a sporty yet elegant flare that is aerodynamic and cutting edge while highlighting the depth of the company’s heritage by incorporating past designs like the flanks that are inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa.

Together with Pininfarina, the Ferrari Styling Centre has created a sophisticated style that gives the ‘Every Day’ California T, an authentic Ferrari Grand Tourer look.

New 19”starburst designed wheels hide the carbon-ceramic brakes which now feature a upgraded pad that’s designed to work in all conditions, resulting in reduced braking distances from 100 km/h – 0 in 34 metres.

There are only two items carried over from the previous model, the retractable hard top roof which opens and closes in 14 seconds and the chassis with its 47% front and 53% rear weight distribution.

Spring stiffness has been increased by 11% to reduce body roll and pitch with a steering rack that is now 10% quicker and offers more direct turn in giving the California T true sports car agility.

The 2 +2 interior has received subtle upgrades that make the California T more ergonomic and comfortable for the driver and passengers.

The dash looks to be more compact and is slightly lower to aid visibility, larger and wider front seats with integrated headrests add appeal to the growing and diverse list of buyers.

Interior style and materials have also received a fresh update with the launch version showing off a well-appointed black and tan two-tone leather combo that looked stunning under the lights.

Ferrari boasts they have 15 million different colour combinations to suit all tastes including two new colours designed especially for the California T, California (Red) and California (Blue).

Also featured, a new 458 styled steering wheel that incorporates wheel mounted controls with larger gear selector paddles that are attached closer to the wheel.

The Manettino (Ferrari’s traction and stability control system) has three functions, Sport, Comfort and Electronic Stability Control Off which add to the dynamic and sporty nature of the car when such a road calls for it.

Due to the significant increase in torque from the twin-turbo V8, Ferrari’s ‘F1-Trac’ electronic stability system has now been integrated into the California T to enable better handling and traction especially out of fast corners.

The 7-Speed F1 dual clutch transmission features longer gear ratios that delivers faster longitudinal acceleration and assists to reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent.

With right hand drive versions still being built in Italy, no test drives were on offer with only the left hand drive model unveiled at the launch.

Ferrari is taking Australian orders now with the first customer cars set to arrive in November.

Vehicle Details

Year, Make, Model

Australian Pricing

2014 | Ferrari California T                  A$409,880 (MSRP)


Fuel Type

V8 3.9 Litre Twin Turbo – Twin Scroll

Petrol 98 RON


412 kW @ 7500 RPM


560 HP

Maximum Torque

755 NM @ 4750

Fuel Consumption

10.5 Litres per 100 KMS

0 – 100 / 60

0 – 200 / 120

3.6 Seconds

11.2 Seconds


F1 Dual Clutch 7 Speed + Reverse Transmission

Fuel Tank Size

78 Litres


1730 (Kerb Weight)


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