Daniel Ricciardo looks forward to Sepang challenges

MyDrive | Infiniti Red Bull Racing – With Australia now a distant memory, Daniel Ricciardo and the Red Bull Racing team look towards round two in Malaysia at the Sepang International F1 Circuit.  We caught up with Daniel to ask about his chances this weekend.

How are you feeling going into Malaysia?
I’m feeling good coming into Malaysia, I know we have a lot of things to improve on and I’m optimistic that we can achieve some of those in Malaysia, which will give us some more performance. I’m just hanging out waiting to drive now, but it’s good.

The season has started now and I think if anyone had any first race jitters they’re gone and I think Malaysia should run a lot smoother for everyone.

What’s your favourite overtaking spot at Sepang?
The two basic ones are the two straights that loop back on each other, so the turn 1 straight and then the last corner. Those are the two obvious ones but also into the turn 9 hairpin. That’s pretty good!

MyDrive | Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo

MyDrive | Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo

What’s the best approach to overtake on the straights?
It’s an interesting one because you can pass someone on the first straight, so into the last corner, but obviously they can get you back, so it’s one of those ones where if you have an opportunity you go for it, but remembering that they can always get you back with DRS 100m later.

Sepang sees some hefty rainstorms, what’s the best thing about racing in the wet?
I think racing in the wet is a bit of a love/hate relationship. Sometimes you have a really good wet race and all of a sudden you’re the rain master and other times it just doesn’t quite work. Generally I think it’s a really good challenge, visibility is a lot worse and the car is obviously a lot harder to manage. I think if you master the rain conditions it is a very satisfying feeling.

What’s the best way to deal with the heat in the car?
I think once you’re in the car it’s hard, the work is done before getting in it. Hydration is really, really important and keeps you cooler. The more hydrated you are, the more your body dispatches the heat. And do some heat training before the event to make it feel like it’s not as hot, but once you’re in the car, it’s like a sauna and you can’t get out of it.

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