Automatic Lotus Exige S To Arrive In 2015

MyDrive | Lotus Cars Australia – Already acclaimed as a remarkable combination of supercar performance matched to road and racetrack ability without supercar prices, the Lotus Exige S coupe and Roadster are set to become automatically better in 2015.

Lotus has announced that the manual version of the Lotus supercar will be complimented by a self-shifting version of the Exige S aimed at drivers who prefer the ability to have a racing car style paddle operated gearshift and the ease of use and convenience of self-shifting gearbox.

The six speed automatic gearbox has been specifically tailored to the extreme performance offered the Exige S, with a choice of ‘Sport’ or ‘Race’ mode defining the level of aggressiveness of the shift action. The new gearbox further sharpens straight line performance, clipping 0.1 second off the sprint to 100 kmh, dropping it to just 3.9 seconds. The automatic gearbox has no effect on the Exige’s epic ability to dispatch corners. On the Lotus test track at Hethel, which has been the birth place of some of the world’s most significant road and motorsport cars, the self-shifting Lotus Exige S records the same lap time as the manual car.

The driving is experience is further enhanced by not only providing smooth and intuitive gear shifts that optimises engine performance; it enables the drivetrain to offer an exhaust note that is entirely in tune with the Exige’s high performance character.

“The arrival of the Exige S in both coupe and Roadster form with the automatic gearbox in 2015 will significantly enhance the appeal of the Exige in Australia and New Zealand,” says Glen Sealey, General Manager of Lotus Australia and New Zealand. “Self-shifting gearboxes account for a much great market share here and the ability to be able to offer an automatic in the Exige S, and especially one that further enhances the unique Exige driving experience, will bring new clients to Lotus looking for the definitive sports car driving experience without having to resort to supercar prices.”

Prices for the new automatic versions of the Lotus Exige S and Exige S Roadster will be announced when they arrive in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

<h4>The Lotus Exige S</h4>
The Lotus Exige S is the ultimate combination of compact size, low weight and big engine, in the form of a supercharged 3.5 litre V6 engine that punches out 257.5 kW and 400 Nm of torque with a weight of less than 1200 kgs, which is lighter than some of the smallest hatchbacks.

The result is performance that can only described as shattering. The blast to 100 kmh is dispatched in four seconds and continues unabated, as shown by a zero to 160 kmh time of 8.5 seconds, to a top speed of 274 kmh.

Of course power is nothing without control and, as would be expected from a company that built its legend on chassis design, the Lotus Exige S is as equally masterful in the corners as it is in a straight light.

Using the light, responsive steering to fling the Exige S into a corner invites an instantaneous response that is both accurate and resolved in its ability to corner at speeds and with lateral loads that reveal its remarkable track performance. At the same time, recognising that not all roads and even some race tracks are smooth, the chassis offers remarkable levels of compliance to smooth out bumps and maintain the maximum tyre footprint contact with the road surface for the highest levels of adhesion.

Of course the Exige S stops as well as it goes with AP Racing four piston clippers clamping themselves to massive 350 mm ventilated and cross drilled disks at the front and 332 disks at the rear, all backed by the latest four channel ABS anti-lock system.

The interior is just as focussed as the chassis and drivetrain. Built around the driver, everything required to execute the performance falls naturally to hand and is perfectly positioned while the instruments are in the ideal line of sight. The seat grips in the right places and provides comfort where needed, all of which combines to allow the driver to extract with ease the maximum excitement from the Exige S under all conditions.

Despite all of this, the Exige S is not some temperamental beast that can monster a race track and be a pain on the road to and from the track. It is, when required, smooth, docile and easy to drive, allowing everyday driving while the driver knows that a flex of the right foot, a flick of the hand or a twist of a wrist will mean an instantaneous supercar response.

<h4>The Lotus Exige S Roadster</h4>
The Exige S Roadster which, like its coupe counterpart offers an unrivalled combination of race-track orientated performance and on-road ability derived from the legendary sports car maker’s unique motorsport experience, as well as the visceral experience of open top motoring with no price penalty – it is the same price as the Exige S coupe.

The Lotus Exige S Roadster demolishes the rush to 100 kmh in four seconds, continues to 160 kmh in 8.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 233 kmh

None of the exhilarating performance of the phenomenal Exige is compromised by the soft top, yet the driver is only ‘two clicks and a roll’ away from cruising in open-top style thanks to the lightweight, factory-fitted soft top. The Exige S Roadster is 10 kg lighter than the hardtop and modifications to the suspension – changes to the camber and a slightly thicker rear anti-roll bar, ensure that Exige Roadster maintains the benchmark standards set by the Exige S coupe.

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