Mercedes Benz – The New SL

My Drive : Certainly a car that has history, style and sophistication, a peer in a category that has no competition – The new Mercedes-Benz SL. The new SL sticks to its tradition as a […]

BMW : Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

BMW : Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

My Drive : Well Tom Cruise has hit the big screen again in the Hollywood Blockbuster and franchise phenomenon, Mission Impossible. This next exciting installment is called Ghost Protocol and looks to be one of […]

Holden Cruze TV Commerical

My Drive : With a new sporty and dynamic design, boasting a range of features like Bluetooth® with voice recognition, Sensor key technology, touch-screen Sat Nav and the highest possible 5-star safety rating. It’s not […]

Porsche : The 80′s

My Drive : Many manufacturers spend so much time, money and resources looking to the future and the next technological advancement that they sometimes forget their roots, their history, where and how it all started. […]

Aston Martin Cygnet

My Drive : The brand spanking new Aston Martin Cygnet offers a level of comfort, passion and creativity in a car that is truly all Aston Martin. Check out this vid from Aston Martin driving […]

Porsche : The 70′s @ LeMans

My Drive :  Porsche are coming home to LeMans in 2014.  Get ready for the new thrills and spills that makes up a LeMans race with one of the biggest names in the business making […]

Peugeot : Motion & Emotion

My Drive : Now I know we have ALL seen some interesting light shows but this 3D Mapping Light Show by Peugeot is nothing short of truly amazing.

Audi : A look at the new Audi A5

My Drive : A close look at the ins and the outs of the Audi A5.  

Lexus set to unveil new concept and direction

Lexus set to unveil new concept and direction

My Drive : With an interesting design and by the looks of it, HUGE 21″ front rim and tyre package, Lexus will unveil a new concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in […]

Successful test of the Audi R8 GRAND-AM

Successful test of the Audi R8 GRAND-AM

My Drive : New American racing model makes its debut at Daytona Development driver Frank Stippler completes 1000 test kilometres Preparation of two vehicles for the 2012 Daytona 24 Hours The Audi R8 GRAND-AM successfully […]