VIDEO: Aston Martin – Dubai Centenary Spectacular

MyDrive | Written by Adam Tonkin – Sometimes car manufactures do provide the shock and ore we all need to notice them.  One such company has been doing this for the past 100 years with their birthday celebrations nonetheless making news headlines around the world.

Now some may call their birthday celebrations nothing but a cheap publicity stunt.  It may have been a publicity stunt but I’d suggest it would have been anything but cheap.  The level of excitement in Dubai would have been electric.  An Aston Martin Vanquish being whisked away by a helicopter on its way to the helipad atop of the 7 Star Barj Al Arab some 60 floors straight up.  This if anything was a sincere statement of just how far Aston Martin has come and what a stunning way to celebrate the 100 years of the brand.

So what’s next for Aston Martin? Well if you’ve been doing your homework you would have heard a recent rumour that power and possibly transmissions will be supplied by German automaker, Mercedes-Benz AMG.  This has to be good news to the purists, owners and fans as AMG will replace the aging Ford engine and give Aston Martin a new lease on life and I for one can’t wait.

Happy 100th Birthday Aston Martin.

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